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Firestorm and Willowleaf - .:Confession:. by SilverKitti Firestorm and Willowleaf - .:Confession:. by SilverKitti
Firestorm and Willowleaf are now mates X3

"I guess not. The only reason I was all stressed out when Cloudstar, Honeycloud, and Foxblaze came by is because Honeycloud and I got into a fight before, and she almost died" she murmured and looked at her paws.
Firestorm's eyes widen,"You almost killed a cat?" Sunfur25: "It all started when I was just drifting down the river that borders our territories. I had gotten confused, and had ended up on Rainclan territory. I tried to tell her that it was an accident, but she wouldn't listen. She attacked me, so I fought back. The fight was brutal." she murmured, lost in her memories. She still kept her gaze on her paws.
"I think I know why Honeycloud lost, I've met her before, an she's usually a good fighter, but, I think she's love stricken with a tom. Probably Foxblaze, but I heard that they two were now mates. They make a good couple.", mewed Firestorm
"But this was before that. The only reason we ended because I realized i hurt her so bad, and I felt really guilty. So I stopped, and ran back to our territory. Now don't call me a coward, I ran because I'm a warrior that sticks to the code, and I'm not going to kill a cat." she mewed and looked up to Firestorm. Her eyes were a little red from crying, and there were tear streaks down her face. "I felt so bad that day, that I almost killed her." she concluded
Silver Kitti: Firestorm's eyes widen as he saw that she was crying. He looked around franticilly, he didn't know what do do when she-cats were crying..Firestorm sighedd, and gently dipped his head,"Willowleaf, don't cry. I know you were trying to straighten things out, but bad things happen, and sometimes we just can't do anything about it but hope they would be ok." Firestorm shurgged, he was getting uncomfortable, he needed to cheer the deputy up, but how..?
Suddenly a voice whispered in his ear "Wipe the tears from her face, try to change the subject" it said

Firestorm gazed around.No one was there. Firestorm took the advice. He looked at Willowleaf's sad face, and gently wiped off the tears. Now he needed to change the subject...Firestorm moved closer to her,"Willowleaf, don't be sad, I-I just want you to know that your an amazing cat, and I don't want to see you said. It makes me sad." Firestorm stared into her violet-blue eyes.
Willowleaf was surprised when he wiped her tears away. She was touched by what he saied next. "Thanks" she mewed
Silver Kitti: Firestorm nodded, Willowleaf didn't say much.., it was kind of akwardly silent. Firestorm stood there, waiting for Willowleaf.
There was an awkward silence. Willowleaf avoided Firestorm's gaze. Then suddenly, a strange cat appeared before Firestorm. Willowleaf didn't seem to notice it. The cat had stars in her eyes, and an aurora surrounding her. She stared into his eyes then nodded towards the river nearby. She looked back at him and then disappeared.
Silver Kitti: Firestorm saw a Starclan cat! He almost jumped off his fur but kept his ground, he saw that this cat was giving him advice, the starry warrior nodded towards the river, Firestorm understood. "Willowleaf..", he twined his tail with hers."Isn't that a beautiful sunset, come, follow me." Firestorm lead her to the edge of the river, a small rainbow filled the sky. It was an amazing scene. Firestorm looked over the pretty she-cat, she was looking at the sky, her eyes relaxed but she looked uncomfortable.
Willowleaf followed him, curiousity burned inside of her. He lead her to the river, where the sun was setting. A rainbow was arching across the sky. She looked at it, and relaxed. But something was nagging at her. Firestorm's sudden change in.... personality just confused her. But she pushed it to the back of her mind. The sunset was just too pretty. She leaned against him.
Firestorm was suprised when Willowleaf leaned againts him, he relaxed and moved closer. Firestorm looked at the sunset, wondering if the Starclan would come to give him more advice.
They watched the sunset, and the stars and the moon come out."We should probably get back to camp." she mewed and got up and stretched.
Firestorm nodded, "Yes, I suppose." Firestorm looked at the sky and back at Willowleaf,"I had rather an extraoridinary day today, and I got to learn more about you, Willowleaf. I'm glad we had this moment.", he mewed
"Yeah" she replied and started to pad back to camp. When they got to camp she curled up in her nest and instantly fell asleep.
Firestorm murmered goodnight as Willowleaf went to sleep. He looked at the night sky and went inside the warriors den himself. He curled up into a comfortable position and slept next to the deputy.
The strange cat appeared in his dream." I see you're starting to develop feelings for her" the she-cat mewed. Her voice was as smoothe as honey, but also sounded a little echoing.
Firestorm widen his eyes, the starry cat visited him! Firestorm ruffled his pelt and blushes,"I wouldn't say that. I'm not good enough for her...anyways there are other toms better than me." Firestorm flicked his tail,"Who are you anyways? And why have you been giving me advice?"
"I'm Aurorastar, a leader of the Star Roamers. We are a different group of cats. We are like Starclan, but yet we are different. We appear to ordinary cats, to help them along. And I wouldn't doubt yourself. I know you wouldn't say that about any she-cat." Aurorastar mewed to him
Firestorm dropped his gaze,"B-but Aurorastar! I-I just can't say that to her. I may act carefree, but inside...I-I like her more than a friend, but I don't know what to say!"
"Then you just need to tell her. Just don't second guess yourself. Just listen to your heart." Aurorastar replied and faded away.Firestorm nodded and closed his eyes and the dream disappeared.
A blue starry cat entered Willowleaf's dream, she was hunting by the river..
The starry cat padded up to the Snowclan deputy,"Willowleaf..", he mewed
Willowleaf looked behind her and saw a starry blue figure, with rain falling around him. "Are you Starclan?" she asked in awe
"I am Rainstar, leader of Star Roamers, I led the Roamers with my mate Aurorastar. We help oridinary cats in need and help the clans along." Rainstar pointed to the sky, a strong flame showed."Willowleaf, you have grown close to him. You always had liked him, but never confessed."
Willoweaf was surprised by what Rainstar said. What he said next shocked her, because it was true. "I guess, but I think he likes another she-cat. He's never talked to me before..." she mewed nervously
Rainstar's gaze grew calm,"Willowleaf, follow your heart. Speak the truth from your heart. You never know until you try.". Rainstar began to fade away.."Follow your heart..", he whispered
"Wait!" she called, but he had already disappeared. Then she found herself waking up in the warrior's den. She got up and stretched and alked outside.
Firestorm woke up, he looked and tried to find Willowleaf. It was still midnight,"Willowleaf!", he whispered. He saw the beautiful she-cat outside the den. Firestorm got up and padded beside her.
She heard her name being called and she looked back to see Firestorm walking up to her." Couldn't sleep either?" she asked.
Firestorm nodded, he grew..uncomfortable, but he NEEDED to confess and say the words himself.."W-Willowleaf, I-I just want to say that..." He paused...
She looked over to him.
Suddenly, Firestorm felt a strong strength grow inside him. He moved closer to Willowleaf, he looked her in the eyes, and he held her paw, and mewed, so that only she could hear, "Willowleaf, I'm sorry I haven't said this earlier..but I can't take it anymore..I love you!"
Willowleaf smiled. "Oh Firestorm, I love you too" she mewed and rubbed against him.
Firestorm was suprised when she, his love, said this. Firestorm purred and touched noses with her, "I'm glad.."
Willowleaf purred." Thanks you Rainstar" she thought
Firestorm held her paw, "I-I was afraid you wouldn't accept me, but now, I'm so happy! I want you as my mate.And I will do everything to make you happy!"
She leaned against him." Let's go get some sleep." she mewed and paded back inside the warriors den. She curled up in her nest, and fell alseep with a smile on her face.
Firestorm watched as his mate fell asleeps, he purred,"Thank you Aurorastar.." Firestorm laid down beside her and fell asleep...

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A nice background
Good Expressions
Cute Designs

The shoulder on Firestorm looks awkward
His tail looks kinda strange too..

But overall it a good piece with a lot of promise for the future. I like the whole idea and the background. You should really make more pictures of the pair. I can't wait to see more pictures of them and more of your art! I love seeing your art in my inbox and you really have talent for how old you are! Sinceryly the awkwardly super mega crazy awesome cool random amazing delicious ness girl named Shroom! lol
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Spottedfern13 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
It's so beautiful... *snifflez* :')
Dark-Lighting Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
:iconcryforeverplz: This is so touching, very deep! I love your stories!
Vocal-Blaze Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
*snifs* touching
XAlaineX Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww that's just too adorable! :iconloveloveplz:
auradragon12 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow... thats a beautiful story... :iconiloveyouplz:
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